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IDLife Kids Line

We have made it easy to incorporate healthy choices into your kids’ day with our full line of kid’s products. Your kids will be able to fill their nutritional gaps and you will have the peace of mind knowing you have provided them with the highest quality of nutritional products available.

Kids Nutrition

IDLife Kids Nutrition is a chewable vitamin packed with all 18 essential vitamins children need as well as the 6 cofactors necessary to properly deliver these vitamins to the organs of the body. This children's nutritional supplement delivers an unmatched ingredient profile making it a one-of-a-kind choice on the market.

Kids Probiotic

Kids Probiotic contains a carefully chosen combination of some of the most scientifically researched probiotic strains available. With proven efficacy, these beneficial organisms will provide your children's biome with what it needs to maintain a healthy digestive balance.

A perfect compliment to IDLife's Kids Nutrition Chewable, this mixed berry flavored probiotic includes a guaranteed 2.5 billion CFU's of live cultures in each serving. Formulated with fast melt technology, this delicious powder is individually packaged in a fun and easy to pour stick pack. Just rip the top off and enjoy!


One half scoop of IDLife Vanilla Shake provides 12 grams of cold-filtered whey protein from hormone-free grass fed cows.


Electrolyte replenisher with no sugar.

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